The Inferno


COMBI ticket holders can collect their wristbands at the Main Entrance as of Friday at 3 pm.

Day tickets (Friday – Saturday) can be exchanged at the Main Entrance for a festival wristband on the day starting at 5pm on Friday and 12pm on Saturday.

Camping area tickets can be exchanged directly in the camping area.

Click here for the opening hours at the camping Kraken’s nest.


CastellHell believes in non-reinventing the wheel. Cash and cards are both accepted in any official area of the festival.


Hungry? Breakfast is served at the terrace at Camping Kraken’s Nest from 8 am and our fabulous food trucks offer a delicious menu for you to choose from. We’ve made an effort to provide a varied menu and cater to those who prefer gluten & lactose-free, veggie or vegan options.

Thirsty festival-goers have a choice of cold beers, soft drinks, cocktails, water and energy drinks.

Not to forget:

- all sanitary blocks have free drinkable water.
- you can’t bring your own food & drink into the festival arena. Be sure to bring a valid prescription if you’re on a special diet (gluten or lactose-free) or if you need medication. This way our security staff will know why you brought medication and/or syringes and any awkward discussions can be avoided.
- No alcohol is served to under 18s as this is prohibited by law. Buying alcoholic beverages for under 18s is a criminal offense, even if you’re over 18. The minimum age for spirits is 18.


There’s free WiFi at the main festival entrance.


In the festival inferno there are toilet facilities and urinals inside. Use of the toilets is free. Let us just remind you that urinating in public is frowned upon! There’s no need to urinate against trees, fences, tents, stalls...


The festival doesn’t have lockers for this edition. We encourage you to store your valuables safely and just bring the minimum necessary!


Questions about train schedules, signing sessions, the weather, program changes...? The friendly staff at the info stand located at the Main Entrance will be glad to assist you in any way they can. The info stand is also the place to collect lost belongings or hand in found items.

Report damage, theft, or missing persons? Lose your identity card? Calling 112 is always available for you.


Any sexual harassment and/or violence is completely banned and the staff will take action for you. Please, in front of any of those situations, reach out to the Civil Protection patrolling the area, security staff, or organizer person closer to you.


The safety of all our visitors is paramount. That is why it is prohibited to climb trees and scaffolds, light fires, and smoke in the tents and marquees. It is also forbidden to smoke inside the Inferno, except for the areas with indications. It is completely banned to set fires and smoke on the way to the camping area. Also encouraged to control the voice loudness to respect the neighbors.

In the event of an emergency situation

Remain calm. Get yourself to safety and leave your belongings behind. If possible keep an eye on your friends as well. Follow the instructions of the security staff.


If you require medical assistance please approach one of the Civil Protection staff patrolling the main festival arena.

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