For the first time in history, CastellHell offers a camping area. Please read the instructions carefully and contact us for further questions.


Kraken’s Nest is open round the clock between 3PM on Friday 4th of October and closes on Sunday 6th before 12pm. The camping access requires an special, separate ticket that can be purchased in the tickets section of the website.

Upon arrival, the ticket can be exchanged for a wristband at the campsite gate.

The maximum capacity of the camping area is 250 people and, due to distance and space, entering by car is allowed. Remember: once full, is full.


It is possible to park inside the camping area and, once full, around it. Civil protection will guide you.


The camping area is located at the football camp of the village, nearly about 20 min by walk from the Inferno Arena.

The location will be properly indicated from the arrival of the village.


There are big sanitary blocks at camping. Use of the toilets and wash basins is free, as is the (drinkable) water from the faucets. Showering is for free, as it is included in the ticket for the camping.

Do not leave any valuables behind in your tent or store them in your vehicle, if any.

Additional facilities for visitors with a disability are available. Check the accessibility section.

Food and drinks are available at the campsite from Friday 4th at opening times.


Do not bring: anything on wheels wider than 85cm – dry ice – drugs – torches – stoves – gas burners – gas installations – sound systems – large BBQs – charcoal BBQs – disposable BBQs – bicycle pumps – flyers – glass – candles – pets (exc. guide and assistance dogs) – (pocket) knives & switchblades – party tents larger than 3 x 3 m – sharp objects – power generators – beer dispensers – fireworks – fires – weapons - nargile - bongs - shovels - pliers - drills - saws - screwdrivers.

You can bring: all types of hand trucks & shopping trolleys up to 85 cm wide, parasols, gazebos/party tents up to 3 m x 3 m. We will try to enable space for campers (motorhomes), more information soon.


Please note you may be frisked at the entrance and we may want to search your bags or backpack. You have the right to refuse but in that case you will not be allowed to enter the festival arena.

The fire lanes at the campsite must be kept clear at all times. Camping staff will remove any tents that block the fire lanes.

Security will always be present during the opening times. Any problems or concerns they will be there to help you, together with members of the staff and Civil Protection.

DO NOT disturb neighbors on the way to the camping if you choose to walk from the Inferno Arena. The continuation of the festival REQUIRES it. Always show respect to locals.

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